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Host City


Different investment locations seem to provide similar offer for investors but only Katowice owns the combination of assets which delivered at right time secure the success of the business. 
Katowice city is an exciting opportunity through favourable investment climate created by:

  • 2.2M people and 86,000 students in the metropolitan area
  • 102,000 students in the agglomeration attending 25 universities
  • 3 international airports within 100 km range with excellent road network
  • 603,000 sqm existing supply of modern office space and 210,000 under construction
  • 120 business centers with a rich pool of qualified specialists
  • 6,453 business meetings and conference events with top-notch European Economic Congress and Intel Extreme Masters held annually (2019)

These assets are only a part of our competitive offer as the list of equally significant resources of Katowice supporting investments is much longer.


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